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Since 1997


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Hoan My Co., Ltd. is a leading unit in providing cleaning service solutions and providing sanitation worker in Vietnam. For over 25 years of providing services to many demanding working environments from airports, hospitals to high-class buildings, schools and industrial parks, Hoan My has always been maintains Service stability that creates trust for customers in many fields of hospitals, airports, office buildings, apartments or schools.

Hoan My's experienced management team is regularly trained and updated on how to handle difficult situations requested by customers. We always go hand in hand with the development and progress of the world in general and Vietnam in particular in order to bring to our customers appropriate improvements in information technology, machinery and optimal cleaning solutions. advantage for the market.

Human resources



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Sustainable Development

Harmonical benefits


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Hoan My is always intent on maximum hygiene standards for customers when using the service as well as ensuring the maintenance the relation of harmonical benefits between employees and beneficiaries.

We are proud of our ability to provide adequate and quality human and material resources for all sanitary areas in the most difficult contexts of the market, including the recent epidemic period. This is also the strength that creates the prestige and competitive advantage of Hoan My in the  sanitation industry.

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