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Hospital Cleaning

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Vệ sinh Bệnh viện

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For hospital cleaning and sanitation services, Hoan My Co., Ltd. applies modern equipment, highly skilled and professionally trained human resources to ensure strict hospital hygiene procedures. In addition, we always use safe chemicals, providing a clean and safe environment to help patients minimize exposure to bacteria, viruses or dangerous pathogens, bringing satisfaction to patients. peace of mind and peace of mind for patients, family members, and doctors.

Service areas include:

- Outside public area: Garage, outdoor, perimeter around the hospital...
- Public areas inside: Entrance, main hall, wards, corridors around the wards...
- Low infection area: Staff office area, administrative room, doctor's room...
- High infection area: Emergency area, special care rooms, intensive care room, operating room, delivery room, laboratory area...

Typical customers:

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National Hospital of Ophthalmology


Hoan My Co., Ltd always applies ISO process and 5S criteria to work. Our unit is very satisfied with the quality of service.

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