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Cleaning Factory, Industrial Park

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Cleaning Factory, Industrial Park

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With 26 years of experience in providing cleaning services for factories and industrial parks, Hoan My is proud to be the unit that always maintains the trust of customers when using Hoan My cleaning service. Many partners have been accompanying and choosing Hoan My as a long-term service provider in factories and industrial parks to ensure a fresh and clean working environment.

Cleaning services include: Workshops, kitchens, warehouses, import and export areas, goods production areas, cleaning equipment, specialized machines in production lines, changing rooms, Workshop office, meeting room…

Warehouse cleaning includes: Areas in and around the warehouse, cleaning all aisles, around pallets, products, equipment,...

Typical customers:

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National Hospital of Ophthalmology


Hoan My Co., Ltd always applies ISO process and 5S criteria to work. Our unit is very satisfied with the quality of service.

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