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Building Cleaning

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Building Cleaning

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With the motto "Give quality - Get trust", Hoan My responsible company always focuses on investing in modern equipment and machinery, improving service quality, professional cleaning process, bringing science and technology to customers. to a cool - clean - neat - orderly space. The areas that provide regular building cleaning services are:

- Public areas of the building: basement, lobby, exterior, floors of public corridors, stairs, elevators, technical shafts, canopy glass roof, common toilets.
- Areas inside the office include: Tables and chairs, equipment inside the office, floors, walls, ceilings, glass, windows, glass walls, carpet cleaning, self-contained toilets.

Typical customers:

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Bệnh viện Mắt Trung ương


Công ty TNHH Hoàn Mỹ luôn áp dụng quy trình ISO và tiêu chí 5S vào công việc. Đơn vị chúng tôi rất hài lòng về chất lượng dịch vụ.

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