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Airport and bus station cleaning

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Airport and bus station cleaning

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The airport is a large area and often receives a large number of customers, so cleaning the airport is a way to ensure the beauty and clean environment. With modern sanitary equipment, professional staff, working effectively and having a lot of practical experience, Hoan My's cleaning service is proud to bring a clean and comfortable space to customers. customers, leaving a better impression in the eyes of visitors.

Airport cleaning includes: Public area outside, public area inside, lobby area check in, check out, transit area, control tower area, executive office, management, area production, processing, food supply, garbage collection and control area, fuel storage area for aircraft, cargo conveyor area, caged area for boarding aircraft, etc.

Typical customers:

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National Hospital of Ophthalmology


Hoan My Co., Ltd always applies ISO process and 5S criteria to work. Our unit is very satisfied with the quality of service.

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