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General Cleaning Service

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General cleaning after construction





Hourly Cleaning Service

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Golden Service premium service:

  • Save time, optimize costs

  • Flexible job options

  • Easy assessment, accurate reporting

  • Simple acceptance, quick payment

  • Clear legal, ensure safety

General cleaning service after construction

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Post-construction general cleaning service is a process that requires professionalism and high technology to clean and refresh construction works after completion. This process includes the removal of stains, dirt, excess construction, sand, cement and other building materials.

The post-construction general cleaning service usually includes tasks such as cleaning, rinsing surfaces, repainting surfaces, polishing and sanitizing different areas in the building. It also includes cleaning common areas such as stairs, hallways and waiting rooms.

This service is very important to ensure that the completed construction work meets hygiene and safety standards. It also helps to increase the strength and longevity of building materials because it removes excess materials and dirt that can damage them.


If you need post-construction cleaning services, please contact us for the best advice and support.

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Hoan My Co., Ltd always applies ISO process and 5S criteria to work. Our unit is very satisfied with the quality of service.

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